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In my purpose to venture into something that offers some additional earnings, I followed the referral link that my friend sent to me before. In just a single mouse click, an unvisited site popped up and enticed me to join by its most convincing introduction. As I read further, a brief account of their objectives and guarantee of instant payment has finally guided my hand to continue a simple registration. From then on, I started my daily habit of clicking ads/sign up links in a particular PTC site which offers an incredible reward by the time you reach the minimum number of clicks. It's been 5 months already since I got into this spare-time activity and I could say that my excitement has nearly crossed the borderline. In my latest view of the balance stats, I'm less than 200 clicks away from the minimum payout with the help of my active referrals.

There are scam sites that attract people to join and invest time, effort or even money. "Paid to click" sites claiming to pay a massive amount of $1 per ad can be one of the candidates. This one high-paying PTC site I have joined maybe genuine or fake somehow. I've read in some articles and blogs that it is doubted real but I want to find proof by myself. If this 5-month online indulgence is just a waste of time or worth the wait, I'm about to find out the real score and disclose it to you soon after. As for me now, I am just trying my luck.

For a list of trusted PTC sites that have good reputation when it comes to paying their members, you may visit (copy link & paste to the address bar if problem occurred) for better reference.

Earning Extra Income Through Internet

Do you own a PC/Laptop at home? Have you applied for an internet connection lately? If your answer to these questions is "YES" then, you have chances to earn extra income by just sitting in front of your monitor and do things easier by just few clicks.

Since the economy is getting worse especially here in our country, we could not afford letting the high-priced commodities empty our pockets. The monthly salary we receive as employees could not even compensate all our needs. As observed almost a week after payday, the money we get would just be enough for a month-long budgeting. Are we comfortable with this day to day situation? Can't we do something to increase our earnings?

In my persistence to find on-line or home-based jobs, my 3-month internet browsing took me to great paying sites that require time and effort. Now, I enjoy using my computer to earn extra income and great benefits out of typing, posting and blogging. I love it!

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